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The school will be remain closed till 02/04/2020      
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A hard worker leads a life to self imposed rules and regulation. Doing hard work needs a lot of patient and discipline. One has to really strive hard and he is see or she must keep trying. Relentlessly to achieve it. It is the rightly said that there is no shortcut to hard work. A part from being a hard worker, if a person is disciplined and values, time, nothing can stop, him from achieving his goal. R.C.Ideal Public School has always been appreciated by the visitors for excellence in school education and performance standards which is a testimony to the success stories that the faculty and the management have worked towards over the years. As the school continues to grow under the Educational Trust, Gorakhpur, its strong vision of becoming a role model for teaching and learning is intensifying. Synergy inside the campus in imparting value-based, holistic education not only ensures standardized teaching methodologies but also engages students in a way that enhances their 'Learning and Skills'.R.C.Ideal Public School now aims at further expanding its presence so that more and more students get to experience the R.C.Ideal Public School ethos. The aspiration is to provide top quality education to all.
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Every day is a new day. So learn and enjoy.
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The school will be remain closed till 02/04/2020

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It is ambition of a parents see that his/ her child gets the best possible education and growths in congenial environment at home and school. The greatest gift we can give to our children is a sense of responsibility and independence. This is the guiding principal of where quality education coupled with human value. Human value is the important. read more...
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Online Education System

Dear Parents,
     As you all know, our whole country is locked down due to COVID-19 as per Prime Minister order. Our school is also closed due to lock down. So we have decided to start an Online Study System for our students so that they may not suffer for their education, their cource may be covered and students can practice their sllybus.

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R.C.Ideal Public School,
Uttar Pradesh
Email :rcideal.school@gmail.com
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